Who I am,

A full-time husband and father who loves games and sharing my knowledge of animating. I am currently a Sr Animator at Gearbox Software where my knowledge and skills are pushed to their furthest reach. With years of experience and multiple shipped titles as an animator it’s still a joy and a blessing to do as a job. 

I believe hard work pays off and working smart gets you home in time for dinner. Nothing is more important than family, so working at your highest level is key to success in the work environment.


My Professional Journey,

Like any student following their passion, hours and days were spent working and learning the craft of 3D animation. I started drawing and using creativity as a form of expression at an early age which quickly grew into a passion through college and after. I started off as an unpaid intern in Santa Monica but quickly earned a spot on the team. The work didn’t stop there; after working as a mocap artist (Raw vs. Smackdown 2006, 2007) I was hired as an animator to work on a third person melee game (Rise of the Argonauts). Moving on to Texas was a big change and a career boost where I earned the title Lead Visual Animator. The journey wasn’t easy and is by no means over but the next step is passing the knowledge on to eager students and animators  that want to learn to play in the game industry.

How I can help you.

Being a part of games such as Borderlands 2 and BattleBorn has brought me to the realization of how complex animation and animation systems are becoming. Clients of all experience levels can benefit from my knowledge gained in the industry. The first things that I would stress to the clients are a few key ways to approach animation in-games which are function, technicality and quality.

  • Function: What does design need?

  • Technicality: What are the requirements to achieve it?

  • Quality: How do you make this look good?

Let’s not forget the fun part is coming up with all the answers to the questions, but it’s also the way to reach the end goal.


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