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Assignment 1

Pose your character into 6 poses of your own. The poses you use must show the person from the Top of their head to the bottom of their feet.

When making your pose character, please have your character in the same view angle in the image.


Please submit the images your using and a render image of your poses on one sheet like the EXAMPLE below.  email your assignment to

Assignment 2

Project one:

There will be 3 feedback sections and one final.

Each feedback section will be graded separately. The animation needing to be complete is a physical activity like pushing something or jumping over or off something.


Frame range: 100- 150 frame long

Your file must have a camera set up with the angle you are animating from.


Animation file needs to be set at 30 frames per second.

  • Got to "window>setting/preferences > Preferences: click on settings and change the time to NTSC (30 Fps).


 Week one: Gather reference and blocking Due: 9-11 Monday

  • Blocking animation. 1st pass

  • Turn in render of your animation.


Week Two blocking plus Due: 9-18  Monday

  • Use feedback from last week for 2nd pass at blocking plus

  • Turn in Render only


Week Three Due: 9-25 Monday

  • Spline pass: use feedback from last week and move your animation out of blocking and start refining your work

  • Turn in Render only


Week Four: Due: 10 - 2 Monday

  • Polish your animation and use feedback from last week to turn in a final Render.

  • Turn in Render

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