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 Animation 2 -Intermediate


What you will learn from this course

In Animation 2 Intermediate, we will cover the fundamentals of character animation mechanics. Our focus will be on walk cycles and body movements, with an emphasis on weight and believability.

Workshop Details

 Weekly 1-1/2Hour Zoom Meetings: Lecture and live demos. 


Pre-recorded Lectures: come with Intermediante digital course

6 animation workouts!

SOFTWARE | Autodesk Maya

Must be 18 Years or Older

This lecture is in English

Week 01

We will start off with a basic walk cycle and then work our way to a walk with personality. 

Week 04

MORE, MORE, MORE... We will do small in-class animations together to level our ability to move fast while learning new techniques. 

Week 02

We will tackle different workflows so we can understand what we work best with and widen our skills. 

Week 05

Let us slow it down and push some heavy objects and really learn about weight and timing. 

Week 03

This week will be all about quantitity. We'll animate anything and everything to help us learn faster and improve our workflow. 

Week 06

Let us put it all together and make something we can place on our reel. 

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