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 Animation 1 - The Basics


What you will learn from this course

Workshop Details

Weekly 1-1/2Hour Zoom Meetings: Lecture and live demos. 


 Pre-recorded Lectures: come with a beginner digital course

Six animation workouts!

SOFTWARE | Autodesk Maya

Must be 18 Years or Older

This lecture is in English

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamental concepts of Maya software, such as navigation of the interface, working in 3D space, and animation tools. Once you are comfortable with these basics, you will be ready to delve into character animation. By the end of this workshop, you will have the skills to animate basic characters and be ready to move on to more advanced techniques.

Week 01

In our first week, we'll learn the basics of Maya, including the main interface, all the basic menus, and how to move in 3D space.


Week 04

Now, we'll move on to Leggy and work on setting up a sidestep and a jump. 

Week 02

This week, we will learn all the tools for animation by animating a few objects and a rigged ball and reviewing the key fundamentals of animation. 

Week 05

This week, we'll explore constraints and cameras while building a shot of grabbing and picking up objects. 

Week 03

This week, we will dive into ways to use an animation rig by animating a ball and tail character.

Week 06

Let's put it all together. We will use our new skills and knowledge to create a final animation that utilizes everything we have learned. 

Throwing an object. 

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